Before meeting Santa

Choosing the right location

Ensure you have a good internet connection, choose a quiet location with bright room lighting to make sure Santa can see and hear you. It's always best to have the lighting coming from the front to light your faces.

What Internet speed do I need?

For best results please make sure you have a high-speed broadband or NBN connection. As a rule-of-thumb, what you experience for at home virtual schooling and video conferencing on other platforms will be consistent with what you’ll find with us. The faster your connection speed the better the results.

Do I need to download Zoom?

You can either download Zoom or access Zoom via your internet browser. If you access via the internet browser you will not be required to download Zoom. Simply follow the prompts when you click on your booking link.

What is meant by “personalised”?

When you purchase a Santa Christmas Surprise experience, guests fill out the participants details that covers names. Santa will use his discretion and ask information from the participants.

During your Santa Session

How many children are included in a Virtual Santa visit?

A standard Virtual Santa visit includes up to 6 children in your family, from one location. We have set this limit to ensure that each child has time with Santa. If you have over 6 children, Santa would need to schedule additional time to ensure that each participant gets to chat to Santa. Please email to schedule additional time.

What time do I need to log on for my Session?

We suggest that you log onto the wait room 10 minutes before your session to make sure your video and sound are working properly. We will connect you with Santa at your scheduled booking time. Please ensure that you are ready for your scheduled booking time,

Santa is busy at this time of year and we will need to keep within the scheduled times.

What device should I use?

A laptop, desktop, iPad, or mobile camera will work just fine, but for the best experience please consider using a high-quality web camera. A mobile phone would be the least desirable option.

How long is a Virtual Santa Visit?

Santa visits are up to 8 minutes long.

How can I ensure I make my video will look great?

We suggest you frame yourself from your shoulders up. Make sure you are seated in a brightly lit room. Avoid a window or light directly behind you or to the side of you so you aren’t in shadow.

Can I have family & friends join me in my session?

Yes you can email your link to other family or friends however you can only have up to two Zoom locations as part of your session. Please remember you have a maximum of six children in your session only. Santa is extremley busy this time of year and must stick to his timetable.

Other Important Information

What if I haven’t received my booking confirmation

Please check your spam and junk folders, if you don’t receive your confirmation within 30 minutes of your booking, please contact

What happens if Zoom drops out?

Should Zoom drop out during your session we will require you to reconnect the Zoom call immeidately. If your having issues with your internet connection and cannot reconnect please email us and we will make ever attempt to reschedule another session.

Can I reschedule my booking?

If you need to reschedule, please contact us via email at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled booking time. If we have availability, we are more than happy to reschedule a new time.

Do I need to supervise my children?

Children should be supervised, they may feel a little shy and need assistance

Santa Surprise Staff

Santa and his Christmas Surprise staff are experienced event professionals with current Working With Children Checks. Our experiences are all - inclusive and Santa has many years’ experience in working with children of all personalities and is very patient, he will ensure that the interaction is special for every child.

Can my purchase be transferable?

Yes, we are happy to transfer your Virtual Santa Visit to another person of your choice. Please request this via email to at least 72 hours within your scheduled booking time and and we will organise this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions